Ship Routing

A Ship Operator’s job can be as broad as it is deep: these multi-talented individuals are expected to be masters of all trades relating to operations. Responsible for managing vessel performance, bunkers quality and quantity pricing, and ship routing, a good ship operator will have a keen eye on every element of a ship’s operations chain.

Supervising and Monitoring

That could also include supervising and monitoring ship insurance, commodity insurance and charterers’ liabilities, all the while calculating and monitoring general average, supervising the planning of cargo intakes, liaising with regulatory bodies, maintaining customer contact, negotiating claims, responding to problems and working closely with the financiers. To be able to meet such wide expectations, ship operators are generally educated to degree level, or have a business-specific qualification. And because of the international nature of the shipping industry, fluency in English is essential and familiarity with other key languages is often desirable. Ship operators also need to understand charter policy, understand ships’ specifications and performance, have good knowledge of legal and insurance terms, and preferably knowledge of the cargo that he/she plans to carry.